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Great dishes

Vegetarian Starters

  • Crispy Potato Bhajia


    Thinly sliced potato pieces coated with our AG bhajia mix

  • Daal Bhajiya


    Fried spicy lentil dumplings

  • Jalapeno Cheese Poppers


    Stuffed jalapeno peppers with cheese and spices in crispy bread crumbs tossed in freshly ground pepper

  • Aloo Tikki Masala


    Potatoe cutlets with a side portion of Channa masala served with mint and Chilli sauce

  • Mogo Chips


    Deep fried cassava chips, lightly salted & served with a wedge of lemon

  • Masala Mogo Chips


    Deep fried cassava chips, lightly salted & served with a wedge of lemon

  • Dry Spiced Mogo Chips


    Fried cassava chips served with garlic & chilli seasoning

  • Chilli Chips


    Fried potato chips tossed in Indian spices

  • AshGrove Special Chips


    Fried potato chips tossed special AG spices with onion and mixed peppers

  • Vegetable Spring Rolls (8 pieces)


    Vegetables wrapped in a crispy pastry

  • Papdi Chaat


    Papdi, potatoes & garbanzo beans smothered with yoghurt

  • Garlic Chilli Mushrooms


    Seasoned garlic & chilli mushrooms garnished with spring onions

  • Vegetable Samosa (4 pieces)


    Pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables & coriander

  • Chilli Paneer


    Cubes of Indian cheese marinated in ground spices & stir-fried with fresh chillies

  • Indo-Chinese Paneer


    Cubes of Indian cheese tossed with green chillies

  • Potato 65


    Potatoes served in spicey mixture consisting of crushed, ginger, garlic, lime juice and garam masala

  • Tandoori Paneer


    Cubes of indian cheese marinated in tandoori spices & served on a sizzler

  • Hara Bhara Kebabs


    Pan fried spinach minced with paneer & our AG spices

  • AG Vegetarian Platter


    Aloo tikki, crispy bhajia, chilli paneer, vegetable spring rolls & spiced mogo

Non-Vegetarian Starters

  • Chicken Samosa (4 pieces)


    Crispy pastry stuffed with minced chicken, fresh ginger & coriander

  • Chicken Tikka


    Succulent pieces of chicken breast marinated in fine spices

  • Mishkaki Lamb Tikka


    Tender marinated lamb pieces cooked in the tandoor

  • Sheekh Kebabs


    Minced lamb cooked with ginger, garlic & fresh coriander served on a sizzler

  • Tandoori Flat Wings


    Marinated chicken wings slowly cooked in the tandoor & drizzled with a dash of tangy chilli sauce

  • Tandoori Niblets


    Chicken wings in a delicate marinade of spiced yoghurt cooked in the tandoor

  • Crispy Chilli Chicken


    Boneless chicken pieces tossed in our AG sauce & crushed red chilli

  • Indo-Chinese Chicken


    Boneless chicken pieces tossed with green chilies & authentic Chinese ingredients

  • Lamb Chilli Fry


    Spicy wok fried lamb cooked with our AG spices, peppers & chillies

  • Jeera Chicken


    Chicken niblets tossed in traditional spices cooked with freshly prepared cumin

  • AG Mixed Grill Sizzler


    Tandoori niblets, sheekh kebabs, dry masala chops & chicken tikka

  • Sticky Lamb Chops


    Grilled chops coated in our AG sauce

  • Dry Masala Lamb Chops


    Traditional grilled spicy lamb chops

  • Fish Amritsari


    Succulent pieces of cod fillet cooked in a masala sauce

  • Tandoori Prawns


    Succulent prawns, seasoned with a touch of lemon zest

  • Meat Samosa (4 pieces)


    Traditional minced lamb, fresh ginger & coriander in a crispy pastry

  • Garlic Chilli Squid


    Delicately str-fried squid in garlic & chilli tossed in coriander leaves

  • Chicken 65


    Chicken mixed with a spicy mixture consisting of chillies, ginger, garlic, lime juice and garam masala

  • Salt & Pepper Fish Bites


    Cod fish bites cooked with green chillies, salt & black pepper

  • Salt & Pepper Prawns


    Cooked in salt & cracked black pepper with 8.spring onions on a bed of lettuce

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AshGrove Team
AshGrove Restaurant